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NC General leak repairs has established itself throughout the Triangle area with about 13 years of experience. We are locally owned and operated who have been in business since 2004. If you are looking for neighborhood professionals that you can rely on for your commercial and industrial repair services, we are here to help. Our goal is to provide you with solutions to the repair and maintenance for your buildings.


We are constantly striving to increase the quality of our service so we can offer our clients excellence in our service. 

We offer product consultations that are comprehensive and based on years of experience. We'll advise you on all things, from choice of material through desired finish to the final product. We provide tips on methods we use, their effects and a lot more.


Our experienced repair experts, with their innovative ideas in repairs, installation, restoration and waterproofing, make NC General Leaks Repairs LLC the optimal repair company for your building project, structural addition or leaks damage project. Our reputation as reliable, efficient and clean repairs is evident as we prepare a customized project plan for you to maintain the areas of your place of business.


Our creative solutions expertly convert your ideas to perfect reality. We handle the installation of all materials as we elegantly transform your building. At NC General Leaks Repairs LLC we're 100% committed to satisfying our client's wishes. We plan customized solutions for our individual clients, corporate clients and property management companies and you'll agree that our terms are competitive.


Contact us - we'd love to meet you and prepare a customized offer just for you!



Most of the Commercial structures require restoration due to the excessive exposure of elements. Like many materials, concrete expands when it’s hot and contracts when it’s cold. We help ensure by restoration of expansion joints, that temperature won’t cause the slab to crack.

The most common surfaces that require building restoration service are glass, metal and stone. 

Insects and animals can get into your home or bulding through cracks in the foundation, becoming unwanted and uninvited guests.


We know how important is to maintain your industrial and commercial buildings. We provide quality repair service to ensure it maintains a reliable structure, longevity and safe from any damages. The joints in different types of architectural systems require maintenance.

Commercial caulking is an important element of building maintenance and restoration.

It's unusual, but disasters like foundations collapsing, chunks of brick veneer falling off the house and buildings, and other serious safety hazards do emerge.


With our commercial waterproofing we can prevent air, water vapor, and precipitation from penetrating the exterior envelope. We use proper sealant on this type of commercial structure because is crucial for the preservation of building components. What we want to avoid is for the window gaskets to shrink and not function properly as a moisture barrier. We provide service of window leaks, trim, and wet seal repairs to prevent water to enter the window system and the building. 

The NCGLR Team;


We provide free, no obligation repair quotes throughout our service area including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment!

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